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About me

About Me

I’m Nóra Szűcs, a consultant & researcher in the field of expatriation.

I support people, who live or have lived abroad:

  • in their social integration
  • in getting into their power abroad/in their return, as well as
  • in reflecting on and integrating their experiences into their identities.

I come from Hungary, but I have lived in Sweden, in the United Kingdom as well, and currently since 2011 I have been living in Austria.

I work physically in Vienna and Budapest, but if you have good Internet facilities, I am available for online work as well.

I have experienced myself and also learnt from my research studies how relieving, exciting and thriving experience living in a foreign culture can be. But it is equally true that it can be full with anxiety, despair, loneliness and low confidence sometimes.

If you need someone, who assist you in structuring your thoughts and emotions, who reminds you for getting back to your original track, who provides a safe place for your reflections, and who gentle confronts you with your biases, feel free to write me here.

My Skills

My Skills

Developing self-love and self-care skill abroad: The art of recognising and nurturing our needs.


Career management abroad: Solution from stucked career pathways, welcoming new career opportunities.


Storytelling for change: Reflection and integration of expatriate experiences through recognizing the power in our stories.


Expat spouse support: Re-establishing one’s identiy and finding inner harmony.

Integration after repatriation: Integration and adjustment after returning from abroad.


Global leadership: Leadership in a multinational environment. Development of empathy and co-operation skills.



Consultant- and coaching education


Hungarian Association of Gestalt Analysis

Coaching and consultancy with Gestalt approach, introduction


Intact Academy

Consultancy, coaching and leadership with transactional approach
Main coaching supervisors: Sari van Poelje, Mattias Säll and Giles Barrow


BODHI Institute, Vienna

Mindfulness-based stress reduction
Trainer: Martina Draszczyk


Ariel Group

Storytelling for change

University degrees


Corvinus University of Budapest

Master degree in Business & Economics,


University of Nottingham

Master degree in Work & Organizational Psychology


Vienna University of Business & Economics

PhD degree in International Management & Expatriation


Do you have a question about expatriation?
Would you like to work with me?
Or would you like to share your experiences with me?

Write me a message here.