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About me

About Me

Hi, my name is Nóra Szűcs

I’m a mentor and coach for young adults and for women abroad.

I coach them when they are abroad, or when they return from living abroad.
I listen to my clients’ stories and coach them in finding their own best solutions in the given situation.
This is not necessarily the solution what their friends or their families, nor what their work or their culture would expect, rather what brings my clients joy, harmony and inner peace.


Come and explore your possible pathways after
- landing abroad, or
- at home again (after living abroad),
And start paving your way towards a life that is really good for you.


About me – professionally


It was more than 14 years ago that I experienced for the first time what it means living in a different culture. Since then both my professional and personal lives have been intertwined with this topic; most of the situations my clients turn to me, I have experienced myself.

I have lived in Sweden, in the UK, in Germany, in between in Hungary (where I come from), and since 2011 I have been living in Vienna, Austria.

I have been working as a university lecturer for the younger generation teaching them expatriation, international human resource management and global leadership skills for more than 8 years.

I got my doctorate title for researching the very essential experience of single, highly skilled Hungarian female self-initiated expatriates at the Vienna University of Business & Economics.

Beside the academic publications my book about Hungarian women’s experiences abroad was published by Ursus Libris in 2015.
I also publish articles in popular magazines where I encourage people for living an authentic and fulfilled life, embracing the vulnerabilities of an international journey.

I have started my coaching and training business in 2012. As a coach and trainer I mostly work with Transactional Analysis developed by Eric Berne, which I have learnt from Sari van Poelje, Giles Barrow and Judit Szamosi in a thorough, six-year coaching education.

In my coaching practice I combine cutting-edge research results with effective coaching tools, and I also rely a lot on my intuition. But what the most important guiding principle for me is in my coaching is to always act from respecting my clients’ worldview and personal choices.

About me – personal experiences


My most honest experiences about living in a foreign country you can find in my book. Click here if you would like to learn more about it.



Consultant- and coaching education


Hungarian Association of Gestalt Analysis

Coaching and consultancy with Gestalt approach, introduction


Intact Academy

Consultancy, coaching and leadership with transactional approach
Main coaching supervisors: Sari van Poelje, Mattias Säll and Giles Barrow


BODHI Institute, Vienna

Mindfulness-based stress reduction
Trainer: Martina Draszczyk


Ariel Group

Storytelling for change

University degrees


Corvinus University of Budapest

Master degree in Business & Economics,


University of Nottingham

Master degree in Work & Organizational Psychology


Vienna University of Business & Economics

PhD degree in International Management & Expatriation


+43 6 99 174 16 896

I offer a 30-minute introductory session for free. Please get in touch with me, if you would like to apply.